I am relocating my 2009 project at ANU, ”Plants of Meghaduta” to wordpress. It was a catalogue of plants that appear in Mahakavi (the great poet) Kalidasa’s Meghaduta, submitted on 16th June 2009 to Dr. McComas Taylor for the assessment of the course SKRT3108 Advanced Reading In South Asian Cultures. The old website is sadly not on the web right now. I am sorry if you have been looking for it.

Right now, I am trying to re-record all the chantings, as well as revising and changing the translations drastically (both in English and Japanese). It is yet an incomplete website, so please bear for a while in any case you reached here by chance.
[*As of 30th March 2013, all the recordings and Japanese transltaion is re-done. Now working on English translations]
[** 13th July 2013- the revision of English translation completed too]

Though it was an academic project, the way to figure out the plants was no way academic; I simply looked up some books and relied on them. I must confess that much more time was put into simply understanding the poems and translating them.

The objective of this website would be to help getting a lively image of the otherwise obscure poetic world (particularly for non-Indians, like myself), than to give any academic account.

8th Nov 2012

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