Yūthikā ユーティカー

Jasminum auriculatum (Needle flower jasmine)


A scandent, pubescent or velvety shrub with grey-pubescent pranchlets; leaves trifoliatewith two lower leaflets very small and frequently wanting, central leaflets broadly ovate, acuminate or rounded, main nerves few inconspicuous, petioles very short; flowers white, sweet scented, many in trichotomous paniculate cymes, corolla lobes 5-8; fruits globose, black. Flowering-fruiting major part of the year. (Ashok Sheth (Ed.). 2005 The herbs of ayurveda vol.3 Gujarat : Ashok Sheth. p648)

विश्रान्तः सन्व्रज वननदीतीरजातानि सिञ्चन्न्

उद्यानानां नवजलकनैर्यूथिकाजालकानि ।


छायादानात्क्षणपरिचितः पुष्पलावीमुखानाम् ॥ २६ ॥

You will go after the rest, sprikling new water drops
On the buds of Yūthikā, in the gardens on the shore of the forest river.
Give shade and acquaint yourself with the flower-giving girls;
Utpala lotus by their ears are withered sadly from accepting cheak sweat.(26)

休めを終えたら進むんだ 新たなる水の雫で
花集める女の顔に 影を与え束の間親しみつつ(二十六)

In the cloud’s journey, after a rest at the Nīca mountain.


(c) Tomomi Sato 2013

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