Kunda クンダ

Jasminum multiflorum (Downy jasmine)

A large scandent, tomentose shrub with young branches clothed with velvety pubescence; leaves simple, opposite,ovate, more or less pubescent beneath, base rounded or often cordate, main nerves 4-6 pairs prtioles densely villous; flowers white, slightly fragrant, sessile in dense terminal capitate cymes at the short axillary branches; fruits black, globose berries surrounded by suberect calyx teeth. Flowering-fruiting July to February. (Ashok Sheth (Ed.). 2005 The herbs of ayurveda vol.3 Gujarat : Ashok Sheth. p652)

तामुत्तीर्य व्रज परिचितभ्रूलताविभ्रमाणां

पक्ष्मोत्क्षेपादुपरिविलसत्कृष्णशारप्रभाणाम् ।


पात्रीकुर्वन्दशपुरवधूनेत्रकौतूहलानाम् ॥ ४७ ॥

Your friends Daśapura women’s eyebrows shake like creepers,
As they raise their eyelashes shining with black-spotted radiance,
which steals the beauty of the bees following shivering Kunda flowers.
Their curious eyes will catch you leaving the river behind. (47)

その河を越え行くんだ きみもよく知るつる草の眉がふるえ

In the cloud’s journey. The suttle movement of the eyelashes (and perhaps the reflection) are contrasted to the bees which hover around Kunda flowers.

हस्ते लीलाकमलमलकं बालकुन्दानुविद्धं

नीता रोध्रप्रसवरजसा पण्डुतामाननश्रीः ।

चूदापाशे नवकुरबकं चारु कर्णे शिरीषं

सीमन्ते च त्वदुपगमजं यत्र नीपं वधूनाम् ॥ ६५ ॥

There, in the women’s hand, is a red lotus to play with;
Her ringlet is adorned with young Kunda;
The grace of her face is made fair with the pollen of the Rodhra flowers;
On the braids at the head, fresh Kurabaka; on her hairs, lovely Śirīṣa;
And at the hairline, Nīpa which has sprung upon your approach. (65)

手には遊びの赤睡蓮[カマラ] 髪の一房は若きクンダの花で飾り
頭上の髪束には摘みたてのクラバカ 耳元には愛らしきシリーシャ

A description of (the women in) the Yakṣa’s hometown Alakā. Kimura (1962: 253) writes that they are flowers from different seasons but florishing all at once as this is a place of the demi-gods.

[Reference: Kimura, Hideo 1962. Kālidāsa Literature Series No.1: jojōshi kisetsushū kumo no shisha. Kyoto: Hyakka-en.]


(c) Tomomi Sato 2013

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