Vaṁśa / Kīcaka ヴァンシャ/キーチャカ

Bambusa arundinacea (Thorny Bamboo)

A tall thorny bamboo upto 30 m in height with many stems, tufted on stout root stock, nodes prominent, the lowest rooting, internodes upto 45 cm long, stem sheath coriaceous, orange-yellow, streaked, glabrous or puberulous beneath, base rounded, ciliate, tip stiff, midrib narrow, leaf sheaths with a short bristly buricle, ligule short; spikelets glabrous, yellow or yellow-ish green, in very long panicles, often occupying the whole ste, floral glumes, 3-7 in number, the uppermost 1-3 male or neuter, lodicules 3, hyaline, 1-3 nerved, ciliate; fruits oblong grains, beaked by the style base, grooved on one side. Flowering – fruiting September to April. (Ashok Sheth (Ed.). 2005 The herbs of ayurveda vol.1 Gujarat : Ashok Sheth. p152)

शब्दायन्ते मधुरमनिलैः कीचकाः पूर्यमाणाः

संरक्ताभिस्त्रिपुरविजयो गीयते किंनरीभिः ।

निर्ह्रादी ते मुरज इव चेत्कन्दरासु ध्वनिः स्यात्

संगीतार्थो ननु पशुपतेस्तत्र भावी समस्तः ॥ ५६ ॥

Kīcakas ring in sweet sounds as the winds run through,
And the Kiṁnarī women sing passionately the victory over three castles.
When your thunder shakes the great cliff like a Muraja drum,
There the mighty orchestra of the Beast Lord Śiva will assemble. (56)

そこにこそ集結するだろう 獣の王シヴァ[パシュパティ]の楽団(五六)

In the cloud’s journey. The soft clattering sound of the bamboo leaves makes the bamboos musicians of Śiva.

तन्मध्ये च स्फटिकफलका काञ्चनी वासयष्टिर्

मूले नद्धा मणिभिरनतिप्रौढवंशप्रकाशैः ।

तालैः शिञ्जद्वलयसुभगैर्नर्तितः कान्तया मे

यामध्यास्ते दिवसविगमे नीलकण्ठः सु्हृद्वः ॥ ७६ ॥

And in the middle is a golden perch with a crystal bench,
Fastened to the ground by gems shining like a young Vaṁśa;
Your friend the blue-throat peacock dances
To the auspicious tāla rhythms of my lover’s rattling bracelets,
And enjoy the evening there. (76)


Somewhere near the Yakṣa’s home in Alakā. Perhaps in the middle of Aśoka and Kesara from the previous verse. Vaṁśa is used to describe the colour of some green gem.


(c) Tomomi Sato 2013

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